Cloud computing brings tremendous flexibility and scalability when it comes to building networking infrastructure. The ability to work from anywhere becomes seamless and powerful networks can be built with little to no capital expenditure. However, cloud computing does not make sense for everyone so it takes knowledge and experience to design a solution which fits your company best.

Because our services are fully scalable and available for a flat-rate fee, you never have to worry about facing an IT expense you can’t cover. Cloud computing minimizes up front implementation costs as well as the staffing costs needed to support IT infrastructure so you can use your cash to grow your business and leave the systems management to us.

When you sign up for Secure-WAN's professional cloud computing services, you'll find:

  • Security – Your business’s critical systems and data are protected from a variety of risk factors including theft, power and Internet outage, fire damage and other environmental dangers because all systems are housed in a highly secure data center with redundant Internet, power, cooling and fire suppression systems.
  • Service and Support – Cloud systems are monitored for potential issues 24x7 and data centers are staffed around-the-clock to ensure hands-on assistance is available if necessary.
  • Data protection – Sleep well knowing no safer place exists to store your data infrastructure than in a data center.
  • Predictable scalability and costs – With cloud computing, increasing computing power and available storage is as easy as changing settings on a console.  Never again will you have to worry about outgrowing your current server hardware or storage unit capacity forcing expensive or unexpected upgrades. When more resources are needed, you can quickly and easily increase it incrementally and simply pay for what you need. Server replacements due to aging become a thing of the past as well so no need to go through the expense and inconvenience of having to migrate internal systems during an upgrade cycle.

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