Top 10 Reasons You Should Do Business with Secure-WAN

What makes Secure-WAN different than other service providers you may ask?  Don't all IT providers do the same things in the same way?  Well, the answer to that is an emphatic "No!"  After 20 years in business, we have developed our own "special sauce" and have learned a lot of things about how to provide top quality IT support at reasonable prices. Here are ten reasons why we're better than the competition!

  1. We SPECIALIZE in Small Businesses – That means we understand your incredibly hectic and stressful work schedule and WHY it's critical to remove obstacles, frustrations and technical problems to keep you productive.  We know the systems you work with such as Microsoft Office, QuickBooks and Adobe, and can make them work seamlessly.  We also can help you maintain the freedom to work remotely while making sure you meet compliance standards for data security and backups.
  2. Chock Full of Real Live Humans! – Many providers claim to have "excellent customer service" and then force their clients to leave a voicemail message when they need support.  Did you also know that many local IT service providers outsource their help desk operations to third party companies?  At Secure-WAN, customer service is our primary focus and our goal is to have 100% of the phone calls we receive answered by a live, local full-time employee.
  3. “It’s Like Having Our Own IT Staff” – This is what we hear over and over from our clients and there’s good reason for this.  After more than 25 years in the industry, our Founder and President feels strongly that each client should be serviced by a team of technicians who are deeply familiar with you and your network.  That’s why we dedicate a primary and secondary tech to each account with whom you will build a relationship.  No more explaining something over and over to a new technician.  Of course, all techs keep detailed notes documenting your specific configurations and things are always done in an industry-standard manner in case both techs happen to get run over by a bus, but so far we haven’t had a single bus fatality yet!
  4. Fear of Being Trapped?  –  Have you ever signed a long-term contract only to find you don’t get the level of service you were promised because they know they’ve got you “locked in”?  At Secure-WAN, we work hard to earn your business every day and never trap you in a long-term contract.
  5. Surprises are great when it comes to parties but not when it comes to your IT bills –  We hear it all the time. “I know this is your price but what is it REALLY going to cost me every month?”  Too frequently, IT providers quote a low monthly fee to get in the door, but often these quoted fees are simply “too good to be true”.  We understand how frustrating that is and that is why we offer flat rate service contracts and provide upfront quotes (and stand behind them) for any project work.  One of the biggest advantages of a managed service plan is that you know EXACTLY what your bill is going to be month after month so you can budget accordingly with no surprises!
  6. To do the job right, you have to have the right tools – Just as it is critical for doctors to have the right instruments and equipment to be able to care for their patients, the right tools are necessary to support and protect your IT infrastructure properly.  While most IT providers expect you to pay for anti-virus, anti-malware and DNS filtering tools, they are included in our packages at no additional cost.
  7. Can You Hear Me Now? – VoIP is the latest and greatest technology in phone systems and its value and performance are unmatched compared to legacy systems. Voice and data services go hand-in-hand and providers that support your data network but don't offer voice services are only looking at half the picture. Would you like to be able to click on a contact and have your phone automatically dial them?  Would you like to be able to receive a copy of your voicemails as an email attachment that you can listen to, forward or file at will? These things and more are possible when you consider both sides of the data/voice equation. Secure-WAN has you covered on both fronts and can offer solutions that leverage the synergy between integrating your voice and data systems while improving your efficiency and saving you money.
  8. Do You Support On-Premise Servers or Cloud Servers?  Yes! – Everyone is talking about “the cloud” and cloud services provide businesses with options that didn’t exist just a few years ago.  However, cloud services aren’t appropriate for everyone so it takes someone knowledgeable about the pros and cons of each offering to help navigate the waters.  At Secure-WAN, we design and implement cloud, on-premise and hybrid solutions with each designed to fit your specific needs because it’s not a “one-size fits all” world!
  9. I’m Not Going to Pay a Lot for This Muffler! – Do you remember this iconic TV commercial?  While we are not talking about mufflers here, the truth is that nobody wants to pay a lot for their telecom services either.  Prices in each market change frequently and without notice leaving you open to paying too much for your current services.  Be honest-when is the last time you took a good, hard look at what you are paying for your phones and internet? As part of our SecurePLUS offering, we include an annual telecom audit to renegotiate and take advantage of promotions, thereby saving our clients thousands of dollars.
  10. We Take the Risk Out of IT – How do we do it?  With our 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, that’s how!  Our team is highly invested in providing top quality customer service and we know how to take care of our clients, many of our which have been with us for over 15 years.  We understand that anyone can replace hard drives or load Windows but that it is the customer service and value we bring that sets us apart.  We will do whatever it takes to make you happy—GUARANTEED!